Record every time you smoke with QuitEasy for 24. During this time QuitEasy learns your unique schedule.

Creating Your Plan

Once QuitEasy has learned your schedule, enter a quit date and QuitEasy will create a personalized plan just for you.


Try not to smoke until the timer in the app runs out. You'll even get points for waiting longer. Then record when you smoke. QuitEasy will adjust to your schedule with every cigarette.

How is my plan created?

After learning your schedule for 24 hours quit easier uses your desired quit date to determine how many fewer cigarettes you should smoke each day to achieve your goal. It them spreads out your time between each cigarette (based on your schedule) to help you slowly adjust to smoking less often.

What makes it special?

Since QuitEasy learns and constantly adjusts to your schedule, it works for everybody, not matter how irregular your smoking habits are.

Privacy Policy

QuitEasy saves all smoking and schedule data on your phone and never uploads your data to the cloud. The only anonymous data collected by QuitEasy are crash results and usage data.

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